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August 17, 2010

meet poppy

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She joined us last weekend… was found by a friend who couldn’t keep her, and she’s kind of grown on us. Figure she’s somewhere around 2-3 months old.

So far, she’s survived being mauled by all the kids, so its a good start.

And AE thinks its cool that now we could do our own LOLCatz pictures. :)

August 15, 2010

vote early! vote often!

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Vote to give 50k to Educate the nations medical community about 1p36 Deletion Syndrome!

You can vote online every day until August 31st, and you can also Vote once daily from your mobile phone:
Text* 101439 to Pepsi (73774) *Standard text messaging rates apply.

(This would help the 1p36 Deletion Awareness Group be able to raise awareness of the Syndrome EK has among the medical community, who is sadly undereducated about it!)

July 23, 2010

disneyland, dec 2009

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We went to Disneyland with Fuul’s whole family (reunion-y) in December as a part of a big road trip vacation we did. Lots of fun. Finally getting around to sharing a few photos!

20091215_Disneyland 016

20091215_Disneyland 168

We had a lot of fun on our trip: saw California, Disneyland, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, family in Utah, pulled a trailer full of stuff home while we had chains on the tires, and the highway patrol was closing roads for blizzard conditions behind us! Quite the adventure, including blowing a tire on the trailer only 2 miles from home!

(If I ever suggest a three-week roadtrip-style vacation over Christmas again, please feel free to remind me of this trip! LOL)

July 6, 2010


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I went to my doctor this morning for a massage therapy review, and we both think that its worthwhile for me to continue seeing the therapist for the forseeable future, since I leave feeling better, and feel better for a couple of days afterward. By the time I get in the next week I need to be there, but its ok.

I finally got in for the back xray he ordered last month (bad me) this afternoon, and — tho I haven’t seen the xrays yet, because my computer doesn’t have a cd drive and I’ve not been able to chase the kids off the other computer — they made me a little nervous. Asking questions about if I’d ever had an MRI of my back, and making comments about diffusions, and air in my stomach which is commonly seen in people with chronic pain. Probably ought to follow up with the doctor again, I suppose.

So. No new answers. Still spasming and twinging and numbness and “wrongness” in my lower-mid back. It probably can’t be good.

July 2, 2010


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20100702_pool_kids at the pool

Took the kids to the pool. Weather: overcast and all of 65 degrees outside! (The pool is heated!) Not many other kids there because of the weather, so I got some pics while they were swimming.

20100702_pool_ girls



20100702_pool_ ek

20100702_pool_ gc


20100702_pool_ 2 boys

20100702_pool_the deep end

July 1, 2010

posting again!

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Look! Two times this week! A record for the year!

Went to the massage therapy guy yesterday; left feeling much much better. Today, not so much. But that is normal. I usually have a couple of days of ache and pain after the fact, then things are much improved for a few days, then worsen again before I go back the following week. Sleeping last night was horrid, tho; back kept twinging, and going numb in a couple spots. Blech.

I’ve been working on finishing up second socks that are on needles. Finished up my green broken chocolate bar socks, finished my aqua trilobite socks, and ripped back and am finishing up my evergreen lotus socks. Need to find the other skein of pink tulip yarn to finish the foot of the socks I’m knitting for GC, and a new knit-along is starting on the Hazel Knits group on Ravelry for shawls out of the HK yarns. Trying to decide what yarn and pattern I would like to use for that, as well.

Today has started off slow; but I’m enjoying the overcast and threat of sprinkles! I know people in this area have been complaining about the “June-uary” weather we’ve been having, but I for one enjoy cooler, wetter weather around my birthday! I think someday I’ll spend my birthday in the southern hemisphere, just to get winter for my birthday! LOL

June 29, 2010

single photo update


A quick photo collage of our goings-on the last 10-ish months. Click for a larger version!

lost 10 months?

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The school year leached away all my time, it seems! I may spend the next little while posting pictures and mini-updates, see if I can’t get back in the habit of posting something on here. I’ve been tweeting, sporadically. Nothing exciting.

This summer has started off busy, but I’m slowing making progress rather than just being dragged along on the rush of stuff happening to me. I’ve managed to sort through kids’ outgrown clothes and actually get the stuff to a donation drop-off spot. Cleaned out the truck and washed the inside windows. Organized the kids to pull weeds in the overgrown flowerbeds and trash all the old school papers they’d brought home and dumped in the centers of their rooms. I figure if I can take on mini-projects one after another, eventually they will add up and I won’t be overwhelmed. I even upped my antidepressants and got dr-ordered weekly massages to help with back nerve pain and tension. Maybe it will all make things a little better in the long run?

Anyhow. Welcome back to my life. Still just as chaotic, still the cute kids. Its just a year later!

October 16, 2009

i’m an auntie again!

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my brother and sister-in-law had a new baby boy tonight! still awaiting all the details, but he’s a cutie, and we’re all happy he’s here!

October 12, 2009

happy columbus day

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off to the store to pick up spaghetti makings… fun tradition from growing up!

many updates to be done; photos and fall and knitting. unfortunately fall cold season has taken me out and all i want to do is sit on the couch and wrap up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea and warm socks to knit…

more soon, i promise! hope the twitter updates are helpful to some!

September 8, 2009

slowly trickling back to school, the third and final installment

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CC & EK, First Day Back to School 2009

CC & EK, First Day Back to School 2009

EK and CC went back to school this morning, the third and finall group of all the kids this year! They were ready early, and waiting-waiting-waiting for the bus to show up.

EK, 4 1/2 years old, 3rd year preschool

EK, 4 1/2 years old, 3rd year preschool

EK is in her last year of preschool (*gasp!*), and started off well. She was invited to sit with a cute little girl when she got on the bus this morning, and seemed happy to leave and happy again to get home afterward. Her teacher called after school to let me know that the day went well and she played a lot with the other girls.

CC, 3 1/2 years old, 2nd year preschool

CC, 3 1/2 years old, 2nd year preschool

CC loves being at school again, even though his best friend from last year has moved on to Kindergarten this year. I’m hoping that he makes good friends with some new kids this year; but we’ll definately be planning some playdates soon!

And my morning? The first time in the car when I realized I was totally alone? That was a little weird. It’s going to take a little getting used to.

September 4, 2009

happy birthday, ae!

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ae, 13th birthday

ae, 13th birthday

Happy happy birthday, AE! TEENAGER!!!

She got a new cell phone (last week), a cool Firefly tshirt, a handknit sweater (with dragon buttons), a dragon drawing kit with good pencils and stuff, a dragon notebook, a hand-carved wolf pen/magnifying glass/compass, a dragonology card game… cake and a couple more gifts to come when we finally get a party planned!

September 2, 2009

slowly trickling back to school, part 2

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AE started back to school today, but because we were running rather late in the morning (had to print off her summer book report) we didn’t get her back to school photo until after school. I took over 30 shots, and only got one good one! (She’s got her Dad’s sense of humor and inability to have a simple smile on her face instead of a silly face when photos are taken…tho the entire photo shoot is rather entertaining as a whole!)

AE, 8th Grade

AE, 8th Grade

She got lots of fun classes (Modern Art, Creative writing, Geometry, Herpetology, Holocaust/Social Studies), and is really looking forward to her 8th grade year!

September 1, 2009

slowly trickling back to school

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The first day of school was today, but only some of the kids went, and only some of them went at the beginning of the day…

DA 10th grade

DA 10th grade

DA started back first, heading out for his first day of high school. Only the 10th graders went today. He didn’t get any of the music classes he signed up for (the entire reason we sent him to this particular high school), and can’t change any classes until after Friday. High adventures trying to take the Metro buses home. Will take another shot at it on Thursday.

DS and GC, off to the brand new school

DS and GC, off to the brand new school

GC and DS left next, and were excited to be starting at the brand new school building that was finished up over the summer. They are still waiting for the last of the landscaping to go in, though.

DS 6th Grade

DS 6th Grade

DS started 6th grade, and is now the big man on campus. He’s got good friends at school, and was delighted to learn that he’d grown over the summer and now is bigger than most the kids in his class. He’s also spreading his wings and pushing the boundaries with the pink camo messenger bag; not one to conform, that boy!

GC, third grade

GC, third grade

GC started third grade this year, and was sad that a lot of the girls she made friends with last year aren’t in her class, but then came home telling us she befriended a new girl at the school on the first day, so apparently its all good. Only downside right now is that she’s started the school year with a cold and some laryngitis, so she’s afraid her new friend won’t recognize her voice when it comes back!

JS 9th Grade

JS 9th Grade

JS was the last to leave for school today, because the older grades at his school only attended in the afternoon. Silly boy didn’t sleep in, though. JS started his last year in the Junior High, although he is officially a Freshman (weird way they split up the schools here). He didn’t get all the classes he wanted either, but he’s been in contact with the music teacher and is trying to juggle things around. Also high adventures on the bus.

AE won’t start back to school until tomorrow (only 7th graders go on the first day), and EK and CC won’t start back until next Tuesday, so we are on a true slow trickle back to school this year! (Makes for a hard group shot of that first day of school!)

August 25, 2009

cell phones

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Got the teens cell phones. Good idea or bad, haven’t decided yet. Lots of texting and ringtone generating going on around here. (Who me? Play around with ringtones??? LOL)

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