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August 22, 2006

dinner tonight

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Via Notes from the Trenches, a yummy-sounding, Mexi-style dip:

2 blocks of cream cheese
3 cans of vegetarian refried beans (why vegetarian, I have no idea other than that is what I always buy. One last hold over from when I was a vegetarian and felt a smug superiority buying vegetarian beans, because no one is sneaking pig feet into my beans!)
2 jars of salsa
2 packages of taco seasoning mix
2.5-3 lbs of ground meat (turkey, chicken or beef will do)

Brown the ground meat in a pan. Add the taco seasoning mix and cook according the instructions, which I think is universally add water and the contents of the packets and cook some more.

Take out a large pyrex baking dish. Mine is bigger than a 9×13…11×14? I don’t know. Are these things standard size? Do you see why I don’t give out recipes?

Spread the two blocks of cream cheese on the bottom of the baking dish.

Then spread the cans of refried beans.

Then pour the jars of salsa on top.

Then pour the browned and seasoned meat mixture on top. And sort of mix it around with the salsa a bit.

Then sprinkle the cheese of top.

Put into the oven… oh maybe 350 for like 20 minutes or so. Until it is hot and the edges are bubbly.

I may be back later to update on how it went over. (By the way, the plan is that we will have this alongside tortilla chips and taquitos… we’ll see how it goes!)

Update, 9:30pm:

Well, it was a hit! Everyone loved it… well, let me rephrase that: everyone who tried it liked it. Fuul was this close to trying it, when DA walked in and said something like, “Wow! I couldn’t even tell it had beans in it!” Cue ominous music, as Fuul looks up and asks as though betrayed, “There’s beans in it??” Well, at that point, he’s not going to like it even if he likes it, if you know what I mean. Silly man. But everyone else loved it, and we have half a pan left for ‘later’ — maybe lunch with nachos for the kids tomorrow or something! I think next time, we’ll halve the recipe, and not wind up with so much leftovers!

Oh, and because I do it every time, I made a few changes: only 2 cans of refried beans; only one bottle of salsa (maybe she uses littler bottles than I do?); and only 2 pounds of meat. I also used cheddar cheese on the top (I noticed that she said to sprinkle with cheese, but that it had been omitted from the original list of ingredients).

Anyway: consensus is yumminess!!


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